If you want to compress recyclables efficiently and economically, portable screw compactors are the right alternative for you. Thanks to the pre-crushing of the material, it is possible to achieve higher compaction performance. Screw compactors can be used to compact paper and cardboard, foils/films; PET waste as well as disposable pallets and disposable wooden packaging.


If waste has to be transported long distances to disposal sites, incinerators or recycling plants, it is advisable to install a transfer station. This is because direct transports using conventional waste collection vehicles can no longer be justified, for cost reasons. A transfer station consists of a high-performance compactor, a moving system for the compacting containers, a transfer hopper, and the relevant required compacting containers. The net weight of the containers can be determined using scales during or after the compaction process.


With a Werner & Weber container tipping mechanism, it is possible to tip and empty almost any type of wheelie bin or waste container into a waste compactor or roll-off container/skip. Tipping mechanisms are either already a fixed, integrated part of a compactor, or are secured statically to the ground or a loading ramp. Portable tipping mechanisms are also available.


With a Werner & Weber container moving system, compacting containers are automatically positioned in front of static compactors and moved left/right or forwards. This allows for rapid switching between containers, if the compactors are to be filled continually without interruption We also produce container switching systems and container transport systems for sewerage treatment plants and waste transfer stations.