• Werner & Weber gravel containers are particularly solid in the construction and build especially for heavy use.
  • They are constructed with a 6mm-thick base and 4mm-thick side walls. The containers can also be produced in high-strength plate qualities such as HARDOX, etc.
  • We can supply the side walls either with smooth plates and an angled frame, or with a ribbed design. All welds in the design are full-penetration welded.
  • The containers are supplied as standard with a rear-facing top-hung tailgate, with a mechanical or pneumatic lock.
  • All moving parts, such as hinges and rollers, come with a lubricating nipple.
  • The containers are primed inside and out and painted according to the RAL system.



Technical data:

Dimensions Weight
internal L / W / H external L / B / H
Model [m3] [mm] [mm] [kg]
SC8H 10,8 5500 x 2300 x 850 5950 x 2500 x 1250 2180
SC12H 12,7 5500 x 2300 x 1000 5950 x 2500 x 1400 2280
Available within short delivery times in different sizes
Technical changes reserved