• Thanks to an external width of 2000mm, Werner & Weber rubble containers are able to fit in any parking space. Thanks to the particular design of the side rollers, the containers can be stacked one on top of the other for transport. This allows you to efficiently supply multiple users.
  • The containers are manufactured in accordance with DIN 30722 Part 1, with a 4mm-thick bottom and 3mm-thick side walls. The walls have ribs moulded into them for reinforcement purposes, and are joined to the bottom at a 90° angle.
  • All welds in the design are continuosly welded. The base plate is reinforced with U-profiles at an interval of 625mm.
  • The containers are supplied as standard with a top hinged rear door, with central locking as well as a safety locks; however they can also be equipped with a multipurpose top- and bottom hinged tailgate.
  • All moving parts, such as door hinges and rollers, come with a lubricating nipple.
  • The containers are primed inside and outsied and painted according to the RAL system.

ALWAYS IN STOCK || Can be delivered in only a few days



Dimensions Weight
internal l/w/h external L / W / H
Type [m3] [mm] [mm] [kg]
BSC1 6,5 4500 x 1900 x 750 4920 x 2040 x 1030 1350
BSC3 7,1 5000 x 1900 x 750 5420 x 2040 x 1030 1450
BSC5 7,8 5500 x 1900 x 750 5920 x 2040 x 1030 1550
Available within short delivery times in different sizes
Technical changes reserved