In order to improve the efficiency of operating procedure or for reasons of insufficient space, we supply automatic container moving systems or lifting carriages. Moving systems are used whenever switching containers on static compacting systems needs to be faster or is to be automated based on the operating procedure. We produce container moving systems both as above-ground systems or as a lift truck system sunk into the ground. The trucks are also produced with integrated weighing equipment.

Container pallet trucks and carriages

If space is tight, or containers have to be hauled long distances, a WERNER & WEBER pallet truck is the right choice. The pallet truck is electrically driven and lifts the roll-off container at the front. The container can then be moved using the rollers at the back. The pallet truck is equipped with a drawbar and a Ackerman steering for manoeuvring purposes.

For distances even further than this, or if a steep gradient is involved, we supply carriages with a drawbar, which can be move for instance by a forklift or tractor.