• ACTS combine the roll on/off container commonly seen on the roads with the possibilities of rail. It can be used to move loads with a maximum permissible total weight up to 32 tonnes.
  • The containers can be supplied open or enclosed with a tarpaulin cover, or a cover with pinion-jack mechanism.
  • For specific applications we manufacture ACTS compacting containers, bulk goods containers or heavy ACTS containers for construction waste.
  • Double door with lever locking gear as well as a safety lock.
  • A top-hinged tailgate is available with seal or as an RID-certified leak tight door.
  • The containers come standard with a front access ladder, corner reinforcing gussets and net/rope hooks.
  • Door hinges and rollers come with a grease nipple.
  • Primed inside and out and fully painted to your specification / company colours in RAL paints.

Technical data

Container volumeDimensionsWeight
Internal l/w/hOverall l/w/h
ACTS13135660 x 2300 x 10006100 x 2500 x 12652950
ACTS20205660 x 2300 x 15006100 x 2500 x 17653035
ACTS23235660 x 2300 x 17506100 x 2500 x 20153120
ACTS26265660 x 2300 x 20006100 x 2500 x 22654640
ACTS.P26265560 x 2300 x 22006110 x 2500 x 25003500
ACTS29295660 x 2300 x 21506100 x 2500 x 25004770
ACTS31315660 x 2420 x 22306100 x 2550 x 25804640
ACTS34315660 x 2420 x 22306100 x 2550 x 26305100
Subject to technical modifications
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