Sludge is a biproduct of many industries. Due to the high proportion of liquid which it contains, disposal costs are accordingly high. Many waste disposal sites now prohibit sludges and debris with too high a liquid content. The solution is the WERNER & WEBER dewatering container.

The most important component of our dewatering container is the replaceable filter insert. The filtrate water is discharged between it and the container water. For problem-free emptying, the tipping side of the container is a flat surface. The filtered water is discharged from valves or slide valves in the bottom of the container. What remains is appropriately dewatered sludge, which can be disposed of at waste disposal sites.

The container can also be equipped with a cover or tarpaulin.It can be transported using any conventional skip vehicle or roll off tipper system. Special drains under the filter area dewater the wet material both quickly and reliably. The system does not use any energy during operation. Recycled water can reduce your water costs.

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