Reduce costs – Werner & Weber Waste Compactors allow your business to reduce the size and volume of waste material through compressing and crushing. This reduces the number of hauls which lowers collection costs. Werner & Weber compactors prevent unauthorized access or disposal of material by ensuring waste and recyclables are contained. This improves both safety and appearance.
The area of application of these compactors is the compaction of high-volume waste, such as packaging, cardboard, films/foils, wooden cradles etc., from Industry, Hotels, Wholesale and Retail markets etc.

The Werner & Weber range of Waste Compactors are designed for very low maintenance and are simple to use. Waste can be fed continuously while the unit is cycling. All systems conform to the latest Health & Safety and CE requirements.
The compactors are available in various different forms, with a number of loading options, including front mounted Wheelie Bin Tippers with automatic lid opener, Front or side hinged loading doors and double end pick up.

From the small MPC-A.AT to the MPC-L.AT model, you can be certain that the portable waste compactors from Werner & Weber will give you efficient and trouble-free operation for years to come. No matter how big or small your business, we have a model that will work for you.

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