for rear end loading trucks

  • WERNER & WEBER builds rear loader skips for many different rear loader trucks.
  • We can supply these containers in an open-top variant or with various types of cover, i.e. DURAFLEX®, steel or aluminium.
  • These containers are available as either open REL’s or fully enclosed REL’s, fitted with either aluminium lockable lids or DURAFLEX® lids.
  • Depending on the model, REL’s also work with chain lift equipment.
  • Robust construction, with fully welded internal and external seams, corner reinforcing gussets
  • Primed inside and out and fully painted to your specification / company colours in RAL paints.



Can be delivered in only a few days

Technical Data:

Internal l/w/hOverall l/w/h
U55,03000 x 1700 x 12203100 x 1900 x 1220460
U77,04000 x 1700 x 12204100 x 1900 x 1220580
U88,54750 x 1700 x 12504850 x 1900 x 1250600
UG88,04450 x 1700 x 12504550 x 1900 x 1250506
Subject to technical modifications
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