• We supply returnable containers in many different sizes and variants. They offer maximum volumes or reduced height, and are available in lightweight or heavy-duty variants as well as stainless steel or galvanised versions.
  • WERNER & WEBER stainless steel roll off containers for transporting animals and abattoir refuse. Container body made from material 1.4301, base frame of galvanised steel. Discharge door with top-hung, leaktight tailgate design.
  • WERNER & WEBER IMOLET® containers: A wide array of load units are used for combined transport across Europe. Containers and swap containers are the load units most commonly used.
  • In the course of the cooperation agreement for EU project TRIMOTRANS® (developing new intermodal load units and associated adapters for the trimodal transport of material containers within Europe), under the leadership of Zentrum für angewandte Forschung und Technologie e.V. at the Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Dresden (FH), WERNER & WEBER played a decisive role in the development of the IMOLET® 30′ intermodal load unit, as a primary partner. In order to achieve optimum handling of the goods, this load unit combines for the first time the features of our various ISO containers, roll off containers and swap bodies. The container was constructed, approved, and a patent registered by WERNER & WEBER.
  • WERNER & WEBER 30′ containers: WERNER & WEBER supplied the so-called MOCO® (MOntan COntainer) to MONTAN Spedition, which they developed especially for use in combined transport (preliminary and subsequent leg on the road, main leg by rail). Different MOCO® variants were built, including special MOCOs for loose bulk goods, steel and metal products and also for palletised goods.
  • WERNER & WEBER asphalt containers are insulated thermal containers for transporting asphalt. The container is insulated with mineral wool, to prevent the asphalt from cooling. The containers are designed either to be picked up by a roll-off tipper or for fitting to a tipper loading platform.
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