WERNER & WEBER Asphaltcontainer sind isolierte Thermo-Container für den Transport von Asphalt
  • The temperature of the mixture in the asphalt paver should not be less than 150°C according to the guidelines for the construction of asphalt road surfaces ZTV Asphalt-StB 07. It must be uniformly hot because only then the material and the binder have optimum installation properties. The temperature of the mixture is therefore crucial for asphalt quality. Conventional tipping trucks with steel skips often cannot ensure such conditions so that a significant amount of heat escapes through walls and the bottom. The use of covers only brings a slight improvement in the insulating behavior of steel skips. However, a WERNER & WEBER asphalt container guarantees a much higher temperature stability. These containers are used to supply the mixture at the temperature required, thus temperature losses are reduced to a minimum. Therefore the required degree of compaction of the asphalt layer is easily achieved.
  • WERNER & WEBER asphalt containers are insulated thermal containers for transporting asphalt. The side walls and the bottom are double-walled and equipped with highly insulating material. The lining of the insulating layer is made of aluminum checker plate. Covers and lids for the containers are supplied in all variations required, be it a cover with jack mechanism, one-piece or multi-piece cover, and can be opened manually or hydraulically. The discharge opening is equipped with one or 2 slide gate covers as required, mechanical or hydraulic locks are available.
  • WERNER & WEBER thermal containers are adapted exactly to your needs and can be used flexibly as removable containers depending on the construction season. The containers are designed either to be picked up by a roll-off tipper or for fitting to a tipper loading platform.
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