Screw compactors can be used to compact paper, cardboard, foils/films, PET as well as disposable pallets and disposable wooden packaging. Depending upon the type of waste, the compactor can be equipped with an optionally available post-compacting unit. It is adapted to the material in question, and guarantees a problem-free cycle with high throughput.

Thanks to the pre-crushing of the material, it is possible to achieve higher compaction performance. The slanted orientation of the compaction channel results in optimum compaction in the container.


  • The screw helix is driven by a gear motor using a robust chain drive.
  • The screw shaft is mounted in a solid rotary joint.
  • The soft start feature, which comes as standard, avoids jerking loads on the drive unit.
  • A fully automatic central lubrication unit reduces the time spent maintaining the Werner & Weber screw compactor to a minimum.
  • The compactor, post-compacting unit and the central lubrication unit are controlled by a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller).
  • The procedure for operating the machine is clear and simple; relevant information such as the full indicator makes your work both easy and safe.
  • The compactor is designed in accordance with the EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and German accident prevention regulations ("CE")

Additional equipment

  • The compactor can be filled from the ground on the left, right, and front, from a loading ramp, or through the wall of a building using a waste chute
  • Cable remote control from inside a building via the data port
  • Cover or hopper over filling opening on some variants
  • Additional integrated or portable container tipping mechanisms
  • Fill level notification via mobile phone



Technical data:

  Motor Feed
Compacting chamber dimensions Throughput / revolution Speed max. compactor output Dimensions
 L x W x H
Weight  (1)
Dimensions Contents
Model [KW] E [mm] D/F [mm] [m3] [m3] [U/min] [m3/h] [mm] [kg]
SV11 11 1500 1380  x 1200 1,25 0,2 11,5 130,00 1750 x 2820 x 1410 1320
SV15 15 15,5 160,00 1751 x 2820 x 1410 1650
Connector 400V, 50Hz, 32A
Technical changes reserved